Hello World! My official intro into the Blogosphere…

Hello World!

Well the moment has finally come and I am officially entering the world of Bloggers! By way of intro, my name is Chris Love and I first and foremost a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. Christ is my everything and without Him there is no me (or you for that matter). I am a proud husband, father, son, brother, cousin, nephew, friend, colleague, mentor, mentee, and host of other things to many. I love to do a number of things, but most likely the one that tops the list is writing. I am a very reflective person by nature, and if you become a regular follower of my blog that will likely bear itself out over time. For the longest time I thought this might not be the coolest thing to claim about myself, however over time I have really come to embrace my love for reading and writing. Not only is it therapeutic for me, but I find that a lot of what I write is actually spiritually edifying to my soul. My prayer now is that this will be the case for you and all others who chose to read my blog posts. I don’t necessarily have a set day and time or amount of posts I hope to write, but since I write often I imagine it will be often. Definitely regular. And, again, aiming for it to be spiritually edifying – that will be the main aim of all my post – to edify and uplift (and at times even challenge) the readers with the Truth. God’s Truth. Prayerfully if you will be reading these, you are already a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. If not, I pray that something you read in any of my post might intrigue you and cause you to inquire more about what it is I am talking about. If so, just let me know and I will most gladly share with you the reason why I wrote what I did and/or believe what I do! (1 Peter 3:15)

Well, one of the first tips they tell you about blogging is to not make it too long, so I don’t want to blow it on my first blog out the gate. So I’ll stop here. My hope and prayer is that over our journey together of me writing and you reading (and providing comments from time to time), you will become well acquainted with who I am and what I stand for. In the meantime, take good care and may God’s peace be with you! Oh, and let’s definitely not make this one way. Feel free to contact me at anytime.


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